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Everything you need to know about out giant marquee rentals

Frequently Ask Questions

  • What size are your marquee letters and numbers?
    Each letter is 4 feet high x 2 feet wide x 8 inches deep in color white with LED bulbs.
  • What does the Rental price include?
    Rental price for our giant letters/numbers includes delivery, setup and pickup next morning in the Island of Montreal during regular business hours. Small additional price may be added for deliveries off island.
  • Do the letters and numbers need batteries or electricity?
    Each letter/number has its own electric power plug. We usually interconnect the letters together and client only requires a regular outlet near by so we can plug in.
  • Is a deposit required to rent the giant marquees?
    Yes, we require a non-refundable deposit in order to book in advance.
  • Can the marquee letters/numbers be installed outside?
    Yes, they can. In that case we would usually install them on a plank in ordor to add staiblity.
  • Can we pickup the letters ourselves from your location?
    No, our service includes delivery and pickup in Montreal.
  • Do you deliver outside of Montreal?
    Yes, we can deliver with additonal costs to Ottawa, the Laurentians and Quebec City.
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