Everything you need to know about out giant marquee rentals

Frequently Ask Questions

What size are your marquee letters and numbers?

Each letter is 4 feet high x 2 feet wide x 8 inches deep in color white with LED bulbs.

Do the letters and numbers need batteries or electricity?

Each letter/number has its own electric power plug. We usually interconnect the letters together and client only requires a regular outlet near by so we can plug in.

Is a deposit required to rent the giant marquees?

Yes, we require a non-refundable deposit in order to book in advance.

What does the Rental price include?

Rental price for our giant letters/numbers includes delivery, setup and pickup next morning in the Island of Montreal during regular business hours. Small additional price may be added for deliveries off island.

Can the marquee letters/numbers be installed outside?

Yes, they can. In that case we would usually install them on a plank in ordor to add staiblity.

Can we pickup the letters ourselves from your location?

No, our service includes delivery and pickup in Montreal.

Do you deliver outside of Montreal?

Yes, we can deliver with additonal costs to Ottawa, the Laurentians and Quebec City.